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The Visual Arts Department at the BHSA is a rigorous four year curriculum that develops the student’s technical abilities, critical thinking skills and personal expressive voice. Students at Brooklyn High School of the Art are extremely talented and motivated. Many of our students have received awards like the competitive Scholastic Art Awards, exhibition awards at the MOMA, admission to pre-college programs at local schools and scholarships for college. Their work is displayed bi-annually at winter and spring exhibitions. A relatively young school, alumni of BHSA is currently enrolled in choice colleges like Cooper Union, School of Visual Arts, NYU, Parsons School of Design, Pratt, FIT and Purchase. The Art department at BHSA offers students a nurturing and disciplined environment where students can reach their fullest potential as artists.

Foundation Arts

Students will acquire the basic skills for successful art making. Students begin with drawing where they explore the elements and principles of art and design, composition, perspective, figure drawing and proportion. They will move into color theory and beginning painting, and finish in the spring with three dimensional design.


Sophomore and junior year students will take Drawing, Painting, Sculpture 1 and 2. These courses will expose students to the diverse careers in the arts, art history and they will continue to explore a variety of techniques and mediums at increasingly higher levels.  Students are also offered a variety of studio electives such as Digital Art and Advanced Studio Practices. These classes are hands-on studio courses but will also include museum trips, art exhibitions, visits from arts colleges and professional artists.  With the school’s assistance, students are pushed to pursue extra curricular activities such as college prep classes in local art schools, after-school arts classes, internships, as well as entering arts competitions.


 Senior Portfolio

Students are guided through the research and application process for applying to college. Studio time is used to develop a portfolio that will allow them to apply for competitive arts programs. Taking slides, attending portfolio reviews, applying of scholarships and guest visits from colleges are included in the syllabus.


Frank Proudfoot, AP

Ms. Hill, Instructor

Ms. Littlefield, Instructor

Ms. Rocco, Instructor



8-10 Pieces of Completed, Original Artwork

​Observational Work Strongly Suggested

​*No copies, cartoons, or doodles