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Brooklyn High School of the Arts Studio and Stage Program provides Brooklyn students with a specific interest and talent in theater with rigorous, differentiated and sequential high quality theater training to support their dreams in becoming excellent students of life reaching their full potential in college and careers in theater and other fields such as marketing, human resources, business, and education.  Daily theater classes are provided by professional theater artists who hol New York City Department of Education theater licenses as well as experience from the theater field.


The BHSA SAS Program is designed to graduate highly trained theater students who have engaged in both artistic and academic rigor during their high school experience.  Students will graduate with a theater major from the school.  It is BHSA’s goal that all theater graduates enter into college upon graduation as students of theater or in the careers of their choice using the integral skills in public speaking, presentation, analysis and self assessment that are inherent in the theater art form.


Students in the BHSA Studio and Stage Program will have the opportunity to work with our cultural partners such as Brooklyn Academy of Music, Theater Development Fund (tdf), The Civilians, St. Ann's Warehouse, Exploring the Arts, The Shakespeare Society and ArtsConnection.  Students have the opportunity to attend professional Broadway and off-Broadway theater as well as participate in professional trainings in playwriting, acting and stage management.

Freshmen Year - Essentials of Theater

Sophomore Year - Theater History

Junior Year - Advanced Acting

Senior Year - Senior Portfolio

By Audition for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors  - Musical Theater

Theater Electives - Intro to Theater and Playwriting

Frank Proudfoot, AP

Ms. Coon, Instructor

Ms. Shaffer, Instructor

It is preferred that every student applying to the theater program has experience studying theater in either a school setting or a private institution


Students are expected to memorize two monologues, one minute for each


Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors only